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New: Powersheet ®

Advantages of the Powersheet
The Powersheet is the new way of making your moving-floor trailer watertight within only 30 seconds. A 24V electromotor and an ingenious swinging arm roll the cover across the trailer flawlessly. It goes without saying that you control the Powersheet from the ground using the new Knapen Trailers remote control: Safety First!

Covering and uncovering a trailer in the conventional way is very time-consuming so empty loads in particular are often driven with an open cover. As a result of this the back doors catch a lot of wind and this uses a great deal of fuel. A covered journey can save up to  6% fuel compared with an uncovered trailer. Powersheet makes it easy for you to always travel with a covered trailer quickly and easily.  

In short:

  • Covering and uncovering using a remote control from the ground: Safety.
  • Covering and uncovering of a trailer in 30 seconds: Time-saving. 
  • Always driving a covered moving-floor trailer: Significant fuel-saving. 

The system obviously has to function every time, especially in harsh winter conditions. Years of extensive tests have been carried out to ensure that the Powersheet meets Knapen Trailers’ strict requirements.

The swinging arm is up to three times stronger compared with other covering systems. Once the trailer has been covered, the cover is further tightened using a force of as much as 340Nm! This is something that cannot be achieved even using a manual ratchet. Which is what gives it its name Powersheet.

The Powersheet renders both manual ratchets, elastic bands and projecting cover supports unnecessary. Thanks to the Powersheet even the platform at the front of the trailer is no longer necessary. This means that the additional weight of the Powersheet is only 25kg.



A moving-floor trailer with a Powersheet
is supplied as standard with a Knapen Trailers remote control. The remote
control controls both the Powersheet open/close function and the moving floor.