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We are Trailned and we have been your expert in the transport of loose goods for over twenty years. We stand out by virtue of our quality products and our personal service. So we are the people to come to with all your questions, problems and challenges with regard to the transport of loose goods. We will advise you on investing in a new moving-floor trailer or tipper and on the sale of used trailers. We also lease moving-floor trailers and tippers. And for maintenance and service too you have come to the right place. The Knapen Trailers Service Centre, Trailned’s partner, has been providing good technical service for years. We are located on the same premises, which means short communication lines and great service.

Our years of experience in the transport of loose goods have given us a wealth of know-how… know-how that we use to give you advice that you can put to good use. You can hold us to account about it!

The Trailned building, built in 2015, has been made completely "emission-free". This is so because the well-insulated building uses a geothermal heat pump to heat in the winter and to cool in the summer. Trailned shares its building with Knapen Service. In 2018 the building's roof was fitted with 1,200 m² of solar panels. In total, the solar park generates more than 160,000 kWh annually. The self-generated green power is used for our offices, our outdoor premises, our heat pump and naturally our service workshop and our parts warehouse. This way Trailned is completely self-sufficient in its energy needs.