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Hire a moving-floor trailer or a tipper?

Are you new in the business or do you need extra capacity for a while? Our rental trailers are just what you need. Our rental fleet consists of both moving-floor trailers and tippers, which means you can always make the right choice for the transport of your loose goods! Our growing rental fleet consists of over 50 trailers that are leased in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

Reasons to lease from Trailned:

• Moving-floor trailers & tippers
• Flexible rental periods
• Rental trailers that are a maximum of 3 years old
• Well maintained
• Good service
• Inclusive of maintenance and insurance

Our moving-floor trailers

• 92m3 volume
• 10mm-thick floorboards
• Height of fifth wheel 1.15m
• Total height 4.0m
• Tare weight approx. 7,950kg

Our tippers

• 60m3 volume
• Reinforced walls
• Fifth-wheel height 1.15m
• Total height 3.8m
• Tare weight approx. 5,500kg

If you would like to know what we can do for you, please contact us on  +31 (0) 493 32 77 77 or at to find about our competitive rental rates!