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Knapen Trailers allround deployability

• Strong
• Low weight
• Efficient

An important factor in the transport of loose goods is efficient, multifunctional transport. Knapen Trailers’ moving-floor trailers provide you with this combination, which means you can keep the number of empty kilometres to a minimum.
Knapen Trailers’ moving-floor trailers are equipped with a strong self-supporting chassis. This structure saves weight, is strong and creates greater volume. The low weight and 92m3 volume make the moving-floor trailer multifunctional. Which means your business will be smarter and more efficient!

All our new moving-floor trailers are the Knapen Trailers brand. Knapen Trailers now have thirty years’ experience as the leading European manufacturer of moving-floor trailers. This great experience has enabled the company to improve the design in great detail over the last thirty years.

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How does a walking floor trailer work?


100% tailor-made Knapen Trailers

• Your idea
• Your process
• Our experience

Are you looking for a moving-floor trailer that fits the bill? A special trailer that solves your transport problems or ensures perfection in your process? Then we’re the answer. Your ideas will be combined with our experience under the guidance of a consultant to produce the best transport solutions with the greatest performance.

As the specialist in moving-floor trailers Knapen Trailers has been manufacturing a wide range of moving-floor trailers for over thirty years based on specific customer requirements. Trailers with side doors along their full or half length, chopper units, hydraulic side walls, watertight moving-floor trailers,  bagging units, 4-axle trailers, LHVs, trailers, steered designs, automatic roofs, hydraulic tailgates and a lot more… All designed with a moving floor.

Do you have a special loading procedure? A special unloading procedure? Do you transport special goods that need the right applications? Then please contact us for some useful advice! +31 (0) 493 32 77 77 or

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